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Studio updates.

Aura Pendant App on Apple Store


We are glad to announce the Aura Pendant app is available on Apple Store and you are now able to create the unique jewel out of your love story.


Aura Pendant is an investigation in design, fashion and technology. Just download the app, find a calm and quiet place. Cover your cell phone with your index finger. Relax and tell your love story. We will capture the emotions on your voice and sensing your finger we will measure your heartbeat. An unique design will emerge. With 3D printing and skill, we will craft a pendant made of solid 18k gold and delivery it to your house.


Obsessed with the idea of sustainability through affection, seeking for longer life cycle in products that could be shaped trough emotions, we believed in the future of co-creation, unique design systems and digital fabrication industry. We started a journey of intense research and technology development. Since 2013 we’ve being inviting people to narrate the biggest love story of their lives, trying different sensors plugged in their bodies, capturing emotions and producing different 3D printed objects.

Guto Requena